Open ITSP List

Welcome to the Open ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) list, a directory of ITSPs who have registered with DIDWW and have opened their network for free incoming voice traffic. This is very attractive feature that allows customers to enjoy the benefits offered by VoIP communications.

The names of all listed ITSPs are directly integrated into the DIDWW’s distribution network websites and ordering wizards, providing visibility to the ITSP and promoting their services.

This directory is free of charge to all ITSPs and is open for listing, updating, downloading and synchronizing. The Open ITSP list is rated according to the number of DIDs that are forwarded by our infrastructure to each listed ITSP.

Provider Name Country Protocol
Smslisto Germany SIP
SIPMarket United Kingdom SIP
SipnetRU Russian Federation SIP
Siamconnect Thailand SIP
SipTraffic Germany SIP
Sip2Sip Netherlands SIP
Smartvoip Germany SIP
Sonetel United States SIP
SJB Communications United States SIP
Sipkom South Africa SIP
Sipsorcery United States SIP
Slohovoip China SIP
Svanto Belgium SIP
SmsDiscount Germany SIP
SYNETY United Kingdom SIP

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